Sarah Allspaw

Producer, Facilitator & Content Management Consultant

Cyber Monday Sale! Online Event Production and Facilitation Services

Happy Cyber Monday! Have you been wanting to incorporate webinars, online training or podcasts into your business or marketing plan? If so, reach out and I can set you up for 2019! Offering discounts on webinar production and facilitation packages through the end of the year.


Facilitation – giving of the training/webinar itself. I can work on materials with you and/or present your material for you or your client.


Production/Hosting – hosting and running of the event. Event setup, recording, housekeeping, facilitate Q+A with presenter, and follow up reporting.


Content Creation – creating and executing the webinar start to finish. I create the content, present and produce.



Podcast creation and production.

Video/webinar editing.

Webinar marketing.

Voice over.



I offer single events, and discount packages of 6, 12 and 24. Email for rates:


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Why should you use a webinar producer?

Producers are there to create a seamless live experience, so you only have to focus on presenting your content.

Producer tasks include, but are not limited to:

Pre-Event: scheduling the event, testing connections and training the presenter on what they need to do.

Live Event Set Up: Producers start and run the event, set up and configure audio, make sure everything is correctly loaded and ready to go.

Moderation: Producers explain technical housekeeping, introduce  presenters, facilitate Q+A, and close.

Platform management: Producers control the flow of content, Power Point, polls, video, PDFs, etc. during the event so presenters just have to present. Producers are also responsible for staying up to date on the platform to be able to provide technical assistance to presenters and attendees as needed.

Other producer duties: recording, editing, attendance, reporting and evaluations.