Sarah Allspaw

Producer, Facilitator & Content Management Consultant

About Me

Here are some things that you should know about me.

Sarah Allspaw

Producer, Presenter & Content Management Consultant
Welcome! Thank you for visiting my site! I have 10+ years of experience producing live events. My background is in media; radio and publishing. I take pride in making events run smoothly and enjoy all aspects of live production: facilitating, producing, moderating and technical support. I love working with a variety of global clients and that each session is special and unique. If you would like to discuss adding live events to your business, please email me your ideas and questions: I look forward to your event!


Things that I work on.

Facilitation – giving of the training itself. I can work on materials with you and/or present your material for you/your client.

Production/Hosting – running of the event, recording, housekeeping, facilitate Q+A with presenter.

Content Creation – creating of the webinar start to finish. I create the content, present and produce.



Podcast creation and production. Video/webinar editing. Voice over.


My thoughts.

Why should you use a webinar producer?

Producers are there to create a seamless live experience, so you only have to focus on presenting your content. Producer tasks include, but are not limited to: Pre-Event: scheduling the event, testing connections and training the presenter on what they need to do. Live Event Set Up: Producers start and run the event, set up […]